HQ Modification

Current Version: 1.63.5

With demand of quality for the game The Sims 3, this modification helps increasing how the game will render textures.

Sim textures are rendered into one single image, and for that, the game engine scale down the textures to fit one single size.

This small modification will increase the limit the textures will have.

Choose wisely, don't be greedy, if your GPU can't handle, the textures will render all blurred out.


The modification occours on the file "GraphicsRules.sgr".

Modifies the instruction "RenderSimTextureSizes" on setting "Very High Quality" and will apply only for LOD0.

Which means, your game must be set up with the setting .


The changes will only been seen if the settings:

— "Texture Detail" is set to High

— "Sim Quality" set to Very High

To install, drop the file into base game Game\Bin folder.

Make sure you backup the original before replacing the file.


This modification will intensify the rendering process, it's recommended NOT to use it for constant gameplay.

Help Promoting:

With such modification creators can make their textures with bigger sizes (2048x2048 is enough).

Spread the word, so we can have more quality in our game with this modification.

It affects Sim textures, meaning, everything related to CAS.

E.g: Face/Body Skins, Makeup, Tattoos and Clothes.


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  • lili said:

    whats the original name ?

  • ThatSimsBlog said:

    When I replace the original file, and go to start my game, my game won’t start, the launcher shows up and I press play. but the game doesn’t open.

  • Goody said:

    Hey will you be updating this? I really wanted to try it out. ^-^

  • pei888 said:

    Will the update this MOD?

  • Goody said:

    Are you planning on updating this Mod as well, this weekend?

  • Goody said:

    :D It’s updated! I can’t wait for the Slider Hack. :D Thank you very much!!

  • Francheska05 said:

    Is this the same mod as aWT’s s3hq? or it’s better?

  • Cat5 said:

    I’m looking forward to HQ Mod 1.48 !Thanks for all the amazing job!

  • KimDaSim said:

    What about the eyesliders? :(

  • Guilherme said:

    What about patch V1.48.5?

  • Olivia said:

    I can’t pull in Game / Bin. I have Winrar.

    • beagle said:

      You can’t pull in an admin locked folder, such as a program file. :) Take it to my documents, pull, then move desired graphics file into the bin. Don’t forget to back up the original!

  • KimDaSim said:

    AWT PWETTY PLEASE- Update your eyesliders, I’m sick of my sims not having shiny eyes :(

  • Chazzy said:

    When you say this


    This modification will intensify the rendering process, it’s recommended NOT to use it for constant gameplay. ”

    What do you mean?

  • Vinícius said:

    I’m using 4096px, but my game is not making any difference. Just replace the file “GraphicsRules”? Help me, please. I really want to use this modification.

    • S-Club said:

      For the mod to work you’d need to set the game settings to “Very High”.
      The mod only appllies when that aetting is activated…. Otherwise has no impact.

  • Joshua Comelio said:

    Umm, when i set the sims quality to very high then start my game, while it’s loading it just crashes!
    Help me!!! :’(

  • Aiden Scott said:

    I use AnyGameStarter to play a certain game for testing Mods and .package files so does this affect that or JUST the base default game???

  • Formalin said:

    S-Club, please, tell what to do, my settings the highest of all possible, but fashions doesn’t work! I beg, help!

    • S-Club said:

      “Sim Quality” set to “Very High”? That is all you need for the mod to take action.
      Also, make sure you paste the file on the Main game bin directory…

  • Francheska05 said:

    “it’s recommended NOT to use it for constant gameplay.”

    What about CAS? Can I use it while on CAS with no problem?

    • S-Club said:

      This mod won’t affect CAS so basically there will be no change in there, since it already display textures in higher quality than ingame.

  • Raenie said:

    I can’t seem to find Game\Bin, where is it located?

    • S-Club said:

      It should be at where you’ve installed the game, usually “Program Files/Electronic Arts/” or “Program Files (x86)/Electronic Arts/”.

  • B-Buns said:

    S-Club, I’m confused on the differences between all the files (2560px 3072px 3584px 4096px) Which one should I use for the best quality possible? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

    • S-Club said:

      Each version represents the maximum resolution which the game will render while ingame. For the best quality you should get, if your GPU can handle, the 4096×4096 version.

  • KimDaSim said:

    I have a quick question, how is this different from the program(by awt) that automatically sets it up in a clicks, I used that like forever and I don’t see how this isn’t the same thing, does it improve the sims quality more better than the program version?

  • Noonan said:

    When you say to not use this mod for constant gameplay, could you please explain how to turn it off for regular game playing?
    I await your help. Thank you so much.

  • Oozaru said:

    my game won’t start, when I copy one of the files to my bin folder :/ any idea or experiences with this issue? please help :(

  • Oozaru said:

    alright, problem solved. I updated my game, dl the latest version of the HQ Mod, and now everything seems to work fine. thx for the great job, folks. you rock :D

  • Barb said:

    Since it’s not to be used with constant gameplay, how do I turn it off to play my game?
    Thank you.

    • Lisa said:

      ^ This. I’m using it because of the eyelashes but from my understanding, they don’t work well without this mod so I’m conflicted. They’re such nice items (so thank you!) but D:

  • AngelTheSimmer said:

    It takes a long time to load, but it’s worth it thanks so much :)

  • Maddie said:

    Whenever I try to drag and drop the files into the ‘bin’ file, a pop up says, ‘please insert a disc’ and the base game disc comes out of my computer. What do I do?

    • S-Club said:

      Emmm… this is not an HQ Mod issue, you should update your game. Or if persist, reinstall.

  • gaylittlesimmer said:

    I’m not fully understanding the installation process. I know what I’m supposed to be looking for, but I can’t find the file in my Sims 3 folder. I was thinking it might be because I purchased my game from Steam rather then hard copy.

  • Martine said:

    Hi there, I can’t get this mod to work. I’m experienced in modding the game, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem on my end or my laptop (it’s still quite new and has got a good video card). I’m fully patched, very carefully replaced the file and deleted all the cache files in the Documents folder.

    Here’s a before and after > https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-opIrY035YkE/UZE2EurzIZI/AAAAAAAAGgI/YCNw4CcwYfs/s1440/head.jpg
    As you can see there’s no visible difference whatsoever.

    Any clues what might be the problem?

    • S-Club said:

      Hmmm, on your settings, SimQuality must be set to “VeryHigh” so you can see the mod being applied.

  • Gogo555 said:

    You said that the game should be set up with the mod. Does that mean I have to install the mod first and then the game??

  • Valerie said:

    Does this work on pets too? like saddles, coats, etc (:

  • asimlish said:

    Hello. I don’t seem to have a ‘The Sims 3′ folder in my Programs files, I only have all of my expansion packs. Will the mod work if I put it in a different Sims expansion pack file? Thanks.

  • Sumieisimblr said:

    Hi can you update the hq modification to 1.55 plz? i think its messing up the game..Im not sure

  • Tori said:

    Will you update for 1.55?

  • nonnie said:

    when are you planning to update this? :)

  • Dayna said:

    If you have Origin, and you downloaded all the games from there, you have separate files for each game. Would you have to put them in every single file, or just the base game?

    • S-Club said:

      Hi Dayna! Only the base game needs to replace these files. ;)

  • ......... said:

    Are you going to update for 1.55 soon?

  • BlueRafael said:

    Will this be updated for patch 1.55/Island Paradise?

  • Lisa said:

    Where is patch 1.55 please?

  • 雨慕YUMU said:

    柠檬大,你什么时候更新1.55版本的呀(How about patch 1.55?)

  • 雨慕YUMU said:

    柠檬大,你什么时候更新1.55版本的呀(What about patch V1.55?)

  • Diamond said:

    I love this mod, I hope you update soon for the newest patch/Island Paradise aka 1.55!
    Thanks for all your fantastic work.

  • Jemm said:

    Please update for patch 1.55! I don’t know how to do it myself

  • pania said:

    Hello! I love this mod! Will this version work with patch 1.55?
    Thank you : )

  • Elijah said:

    I’m having trouble with this HD Mod.
    I placed the GraphicsRules.sgr in Game -> Bin.
    But there isn’t any difference in the game! :’(
    I have the 1.55 patch.
    And my game is also running on the highest settings.

    • S-Club said:

      Hi hi! The mod should only be noticeable if your card can handle the setting SimQuality in Very High as it only applies to this setting.

  • ellie said:

    Aww….Dx i found this just when my video card died..

  • bella said:

    is this working with 1.57.62 version too?

  • Journye said:

    Question, I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but do you know what to do in the case where Sims 3 wont open? I followed everything correctly and replaced the .rar and copied the original just in case but now my Sims 3 game wont open.. Help would be much appreciated.

    (Don’t know if this helps but I had downloaded it from Steam)

    • Journye said:

      Also, my Sims game is updated, so that’s not the issue. :/

    • S-Club said:

      Does inserting the original file you backed up instead of the modded one make it work again?

  • WhiteCrow said:


    Are you guys going update soon for 1.57?

    • emmy said:

      Since you just updated the HQ mod I don’t expect you to do it again soon :( But if anyone else knows of an edited version of the Sclub hq mod please link it here. I was using one from a Chinese site that was linked here before they updated last time. Thank you!

      • WhiteCrow said:

        Why not? They updated for every patch i can see.

  • Eduardo Montgomery said:

    Hello, when they move to the 1:57 version? I am anxiously awaiting *-* (:

    • Dachs said:

      have you tried using version 1.55 i know sometimes there is very little updated in an SP update and the version 1.55 may work fine.

  • Luca said:

    When you download the hq mod, there are multiple files. Which is the one for the best quality picture?

    • Dachs said:

      the higher the number the more detailed you will get..but that doesnt mean your machine will handle this. So that is why SClub has four versions…if the highest number renders blurry go with the next to highest till you find out what your machine can handle.

  • Cassie said:

    Pleasepleasepleeeeease update to patch 1.57 :(

  • Adinne said:

    HQ mod for version 1.57 is nothing???

  • emmy said:


  • Jueun said:

    S-club, Why I cant download HQ mode?

  • Kalyn said:

    Do you think you’ll be updating to 1.63? Your HQ mod is the only one that works for me. Thank you!!

  • M said:

    When will you update to 1.57? .-. I really wanna try the highest setting but can’t cause I updated and have no clue as to how to unupdate.

  • Grant said:

    Hi S-club. So my I tried downloading this and I backed up my file but when I went into game before it loaded it told me I had no graphics card. Then when I tried to put the original file back in the Game folder it wouldn’t let me. Please help!

  • Dimity said:

    Will this work for Windows 8? If so, how do I install it as there is no game/bin folder.

    Thanks so much!

    • S-Club said:

      Yup, it should work on any OS. Mac included. :)

      The bin folder is located at the game installation directory.

      Usually localted at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin

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