Skin F1.0

Hello everyone ~ today we have a new Skin for The Sims 3.

We worked a lot on this skin, we wanted to make the anatomy more realistic.

This is a WIP since last year, so we are very very happy to share.

It comes with three versions, as we saw potential on doing alternatives, by creating more different looks/retouches.

The Non-Default and Default packages included for each of them.

Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to leave a comment.

~ Wish you a beautiful sunday ahead, take care~


Skin Version A

Strong Shading | Defined Eyeline

Skin Version B

Normal Shading | Soft Eyeline

Skin Version C

Soft Shading | Smoothing | No Eyeline

Skin F1.0A Skin F1.0A Skin F1.0B Skin F1.0B Skin F1.0C Skin F1.0C


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  • Munia said:

    OMG! These are so pretty. :D..Thank you guys <3<3

  • dalagitah said:

    These are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing n_n

  • Jasumi said:

    These are beautiful, thank you

    • Berfin said:

      Hey.its beautiful thats true but i cant get it to work bcuz when i opened it at winrar it only showed a white sheet of paper and i copied it into the mods folder it still wont work what do now? i looked on the internet for some information but it wasnt really successful.

  • eskie said:

    These are beautiful new additions. I think I have found some new favorite skins to play with for awhile! Thank you!!

  • Nadia said:

    I assume that these skins are only for female YAs, at least for the moment?

  • NURI said:

    WOW!!! THANKS!!!! I’m VERY HAPPY to get these perfect and beautiful skin!!
    I LOVE your work!!! &lt;3

  • MIN said:

    It is wonderful! Love it (´ω`*)

  • robin said:

    Love this skintone….so so pretty… <3<3<3 Thank you!!

  • Snutter89 said:

    Are they default or non-default? :-)

  • JS said:

    Wow!!Nice skin!! I love them all!
    Thank you so much! 謝謝你的分享喔^^

  • AnnieBonnie said:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work you ashre with us. I’m so happy to be able to have anothe 03 fantastic skintones from you

  • 桑馬麗 said:

    太厲害了!!!!因為有你們 所以我們的遊戲才能更好玩啊~

  • lindalinda said:

    OMG! It’s so amazing! Thanks XD
    I’m looking forward to having male version of this skintone :)

  • Kels said:

    I’d like to know if they’re default or non-default. They’re quite beautiful, either way.

    • S-Club said:

      Oh, forgot to say, both Default and Non-Default versions are included. :)

  • Debbie said:

    They are really pretty skins. Thank you for sharing. I hope perhaps we will see a male version. I always feel male Sims get left out. This is very beautiful skin though so thank you again. I like the realism of the skin and if these were for both male and female i would install it as my default. Very luxurious skin with a nice a variety of skin tones. Thanks.

  • Ameenah said:

    These are insanely beautiful. I especially love the look of “B” with the softer shading – thank you for providing so many variations!

  • KosmoKhaos said:

    Oh my! These are so beautiful! Much love to whoever had hand in creating them!

  • Crocks said:

    i loved thah skin :D
    great work

  • KosmoKhaos said:

    Oh I forgot to ask is it female only? And if so through which age group?

    • S-Club said:

      This one is the Female version, it works for Young, Adult and Elder. :)

    • Marsh said:

      I was wondering the same thing. I am assuming that is is exclusively for females, due to all the sims being female and the fact that it says, “Skin F1.0.”

  • Tex said:

    Sooooo cool! Thank you! Nice work again!

  • Sasha said:

    Such delicate and realistic skins, awesome work thanks a lot!

  • allsoline said:

    Thank you for making and sharing, these perfect and beautiful skins

  • IMHO said:

    огромное спасибо! Это прекрасно! Я в восторге ♡²

  • Mowde said:

    Hi! thank you, it’s awsome! I feel very newb to ask this but how do I install it? I suppose it’s not as easy as any other downloadable content cause I did the same (open the sim3 pack and install it with the control panel) and it does not appear in CAS… thank you if someone can help!

  • Max said:

    Thank you sooo much! I am so happy, that you guys are back! Best of luck to you all!!!! Hope to see male version, and this time, a version for all ages! I have one WCIF, if you don’t mind, of course.. where ca I get those gorgeous eyes? :O I must have them! XD

    • Sharona said:

      The eyes are WM’s and LL’s (:

      • Jen said:

        Absolutely LOVE this creation! Can’t wait to try it out :)

        However, like Max, I was also wondering [WCIF] where I can actually DOWNLOAD those eyes from :)?
        I’ve been on a hunt for a download of some ‘eyes’ / ‘contacts’ that have ‘WM and Lemonleaf’ in the title – but I have found SO many, and I am just confused now! Hehe!

        So I was wondering if you could give me a *direct* LINK to the eyes’ download page?
        (Or even just the actual ‘name’ of the eye set/contacts shown in your model images so I can search for them properly?)

        Many thanks!
        Love your work :) &lt;3

        • S-Club said:

          The eyes, were created earlier by WM on her blog, we will be uploading them onto our site soon. :)

          • Okashi said:

            I can’t wait! I am absolutely in love with them *-*

  • Sophia said:

    Can we please get some pictures without the HQ mod? Because half of the texture then look horrible without the HQ mod and I’m quite sure not everyone uses it.

  • Morris said:

    I love this skintone!! Thank you!

  • Ero-Sempai said:

    I can not install, let alone download, you have no area to register and the link is … where is the link to download?

  • Ero-Sempai said:

    LOL I’m an unnoticed even, I
    excuse the inconvenience ¬¬

    • zylqlm said:

      I don’t know how to download.

  • Amanda said:

    Thank you for sharing!

    I really like this skintone,it’s very pretty! Thanks again! &lt;3

  • veronique said:

    Looks very beautiful i am gonna try them out right now thankyou so very much ! Have a nice week from belgium

  • haengoonee said:

    Amazing….!!! (✿◠‿◠) Thank youso muchhhhh!!!1
    if you don’t mind.. where I can get that adorable hair??

    • S-Club said:

      You’d have to first tell me which hair you refer to ~ ;)

      • Maha said:

        can you tell me where i can find the really short cute one? please? haha

  • 402402402 said:

    Wow~~ fantastic!! thank you very very much~~!!

  • Beatriz said:

    Hello …. sorry to ask …
    this is a default or non defalt ? is not working on my cas …;/
    kisses !

    • S-Club said:

      The download package contain both non-default and default skin.
      Maybe you didn’t find the correct item on the skin list?

      • Charlotte said:

        Hello! I love these skins but they don’t shop up at all in my game, iv’e downloaded both default and non but they don’t work. I don’t have alot of skins, only three tha´t have replaced the original. Could anyone please help? These skins are perfect!

  • kweenie said:

    I’ve just downloaded the 3 versions they are quite perfect thank you !

  • Nil said:

    Woah, this skin looks very nice, I can’t wait to test it out!
    Also, if it isn’t a bother, where did you get the short hair for the girl in the very first picture? It’s so cute!

  • Vanity Sims said:

    These look great & they’re well worth the wait. Thanks for sharing ! (:

  • mirumom said:

    Thank you very much! I appreciate your work.

  • SunFlowerHuaban said:

    ITS SHINY AND BEAUTIFUL! QuQ OH YES I LOVE IT. Ive tried the skin A and B >w< <333 But I havent tried C cuz Im still finding it.(too many skins til I got so much o.O;

  • WANDI said:


  • anonymous said:

    They’re gorgeous but I can’t find them in game,could you show me what the skin slide looks like please?

  • Klavix said:

    这是我见过的Sims 3里最漂亮的皮肤。谢谢你!

  • Aamu said:

    Thank you very much, the skins are very delicate-looking and beautiful…(: Excellent work, again!

  • Mingmei said:

    Hey, I love the skins and I installed the non-defaults yesterday but they do not show up under skins in my interface.. do they show up somewhere else? I know they are for YA/A/Elder and how to install mods. I just unpacked the rar file in my mods folder where the resource file is as well.

    Thank you :)

    • S-Club said:

      They are there, just need to find them, if you have many non-default skins it’s even harder to find.
      There are mods out there that expand the size of the UI, so you have a broader view of the ones you available in your game.

  • Ayra2 said:

    My goodness!! These are beautiful!! May I ask where you found the hair?

  • Abby said:

    Beautiful! :) They look amazing in game. Can I ask though, where’d you get the first hair? The one on the model in the very first picture, it’s gorgeous and I’ve been looking for one like it. Amazing work!

  • Sweethoneylove said:

    wooooow….those are so beautiful…. i really like it
    thank you so much

  • jessikaeju said:

    Beautiful, I loved his work would ever do a darker tone, but dark .. These are still very clear to me .. Perfect, thank you.

  • FzzyDg8 said:

    Your skins are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them.

  • yves said:

    j’aimerai telecharger ce produit mais comment faire car je joue au sim’s depuis le début merci de me répondre car je ne savais pas que ce genre de produit existé.

  • Lina said:

    Very beautiful work)Thank you!

  • thts said:

    Very nice. Continue to delight all fans of The Sims 3. I wish you success! / 很不错。继续取悦球迷模拟人生3。祝你成功!

  • daniela said:

    Help! Can someone tell me how to install them? I put them in the package folder but it doesn’t work

    • melkshack said:

      colok na pasta downloads

  • Sydnie said:

    Absolutely beautiful skins. Thank you for taking the time to make them.

  • Francheska05 said:

    Wonderful job! But I need help! I can’t see the skin in my game CAS :( Anyone who can help me with this? I’ll really appreciate.

    • sofi said:

      I cant see the skins in my game either, help please

    • candesco said:

      did you install it in mods\packages?
      these are all package files and it must go in there. If you haven’t used any package files, then use the framework over at MTS wiki.

  • maerinimay said:

    really nice thank you

  • kumiko ~ said:

    omg, its wooooonderful o_o i dont know how do you do that but that is amazinnn . &lt;3

  • Cosmicolor said:

    Will the skin also work for Males?

    • candesco said:

      Did you read everything? The skin is for females. You do the math.

  • kristina orley said:

    uuhh.. i really love the skin F1.0B an i really want to use it but when i installed it my computer goes blue screen whenever i go to CAS to create a sim , can you help me pleasee :’( thankyou :)

  • kristina orley said:

    hi sorry for bothering .. i love the skins and i got the F1.0 installed on my sims 3 but my computer goes blue screen whenever i enter the CAS room pls help thank you :)

  • WANDI said:

    i cant find the non-default skin in my cas.. help please :/

  • Lalo said:

    where are the eyebrows of the sim?

  • Anny said:

    Ah these are so beautiful :D you are amazing! but could you please tell me how to download them :/ i have no clue how to download files like these and it makes me sad T~T… sorry for being so noob >.<

  • Kiara said:

    I love these skintones. I am adding all non-defaults to my game. Also, are any of the models wearing make up in the photos? Cause I really like the lips and hope that’s part of the skintone and not make up.

  • Gabriella Alves said:

    Hi when I click to download skins, will usually, but when I lower it comes in utorrent file and you can not lower them as I came in to file the sims 3? Thank you!

  • Mirjam said:

    will the skin replace the old skin or not?

  • Oozaru said:

    So pretty. Thank you very much for this great work :) will there be a male version, too? I’d really like this skintone for my male sims.

  • Lina said:

    How do you download this skin into the sims 3? Ever time it pops up in my RAR its not anything for the sims 3. What do I need to use to put on there?

  • Rokelle said:

    These are absolutely stunning! I will definitely be downloading these! I’ll even make one set default as soon as there are skintones available for male sims! I’d really love to see child and teen skins to! ~<3

  • xxxfanaticxxx said:

    Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! ^^

  • Re said:

    Thank you, I’ll make good use of it.

  • Sandra said:

    Oh I really hope that there will be a version for males in this! I already play with the female version and they are gorgeous!! My males could use that too, but for now I’m just happy I can use the female version ^__^ Thank you so much for making this, it’s beautiful!!

  • Cecesaun1 said:

    I totally love these skins! I use them often when making sims. I have a small request regarding F 1.0 C. I’m currently using it on a sim but I need it to be a bit darker. I have it at the highest the range slider will go but she still looks too light. Would it be possible to add a few more skin tones?
    This is the sim that I want to make a little darker and have a darker skin tone for future sims. :)

    She is actually lighter than the pic looks.
    <img src=";

  • Kiara said:

    Wow, very awesome Skin.. Perfekt Work!!

    Greetings Kiara

  • Kiara said:

    hi, u may have a tutorial to instal my Skin? I just see the new “face”

  • aimee said:

    can you have both default and non-default together? because i have the non-default and im just wondering whether you can have both together xD
    lovely skins by the way i use them all the time! ;3

  • Ratnaraj said:

    so beautiful…I love them! Thank you so much(:

  • OPARU said:

    WHY the skin does not working on my sims 3 ????

  • Ngozi said:

    Hello! Is this skin compatible with the muscle slider? This is the only skin I want and I just want to be sure. Thanks.

  • smirnoffrabbit said:

    Thank you so much for sharing these! They are just lovely :)

  • DArley said:

    Beautiful skins! I’m a big fan of the WM-BSF skin. I wish these had a darker option: I have little trouble finding decent ‘lite’ skins, but the WM was one of the few that looked good dark.

  • Jordin said:

    How do I download this to my sims 3??? If u could make it kind of easy to understand thatd be great

  • Cee said:

    These skins are absolutely beautiful..*-*
    Do you plan on uploading the male version soon?

  • KittenCat said:

    I would love a male version for this too please, these are perfect &lt;3

  • Kiki Muyax said:

    I LOVE THESE SKINS but the download link doesn’t work.


  • snow white said:

    Thanks for your sharing!!

  • Yarno said:

    This is so Anthem. so beautiful i love it. and Please can you tell me how to install HQ Mod ! I dont understand ”there is a little text with awt ~!!

  • liz said:

    I downloaded these skins like 2 weeks ago, and no they wont even show up on the game. I dont know why..

    • Lisa said:

      I am having the same problem as Liz. Ever since the 1.38 upgrade and getting Supernatural none of the skin tones are showing up in CAS. Some of my sims still have the skin tones on before the update but when you go to CAS there isn’t any skin tones icons what so ever. I am wondering if anyone else has this problem. It’s driving me nuts. I do use Naar mods, I removed all mods to see if that would correct it but same problem.

  • Lauren Bailey said:

    i really really really want these skins but since i have never downloaded tings for sims before, how would i download it?

  • Marta said:

    I really love this ones, but the download link doesn’t work… How can I do?

  • Chitty said:

    i really love those skins

  • lataya said:

    i love ur skin but can u make it so they can include some dark skin i love to make some toffee to chocalate people in my game using ur skin.

  • Muriel said:

    This skin is beautiful. I feel dumb asking, but where is the download link?

  • 唐九儿 said:

    全是英文耶 我還是來一個中文段落吧 謝謝你一直的努力

  • columbia93 said:

    These are really pretty skins – the only thing that would keep me from downloading is I find the shiny chin a bit too much.

  • moky said:

    thank you very much :’)

  • Queenzs said:

    So cool !! I love it ^^

  • Vivian said:

    Hi , how do you download the skins , love them btw. :D

  • emaemily said:

    im sorry but please tell me where to download?????….:(((

  • emaemily said:

    how could i download this (i have already got ackages and mods)

  • Mary said:

    My favorite skins! I love them! Is there male version?

  • Jezza said:

    Are there any available sims3pack files with this? T^T

    • S-Club said:

      Skins have always been available on package format only…

  • Tony said:

    This is beyond amazing. My jaw dropped. But I was wondering if could still use these skins since I have already used default skins from other creator. But I’m ready to replace them with yours if it can’t go along together as your skins are much better. Thank you for your hard work. Downloaded and bookmarked. Cheers!

  • Neito Riba said:

    Awesome work. Where I can get the beautiful hair that I like??

  • lololo said:

    how do i download??? my computer errors it says the file is damaged :((( i cant find any skins somebody help meeee :’(

  • zafiro13 said:

    hi!, this skins work well with the lastest expansion pack and patch? (70 80 90 accesories and 1.48) thanks!!

  • Aisha said:

    How do you download these? Theyre so pretty but when I click the download link I get adfly, thats so annoying

    • #MK said:

      I know… but it is the way we have to help pay the hosting of this website, to keep it running.
      Because it needs to be paid monthly, so we don’t have to take entirely 100% of our own money to pay for the website hosting.
      It is a way for you to help us.

      But if you ctrl+click you can go to the download directly. ;)

  • dreyersnestle said:

    So I downloaded all of the 1.0 skins, unzipped it and pasted it to the Package folder. So far…the skins are not working for me and I know how to use CC and install them properly. But for this particular installment, I could not just make it work! I downloaded your eyelashes and worked perfectly when I placed them on the Package folder.. Can anybody help me? :z

    • S-Club said:

      Have you used the default-replacement pacakge?
      If so, make sure you don’t have other default-replacement skin packages on your game.
      Because can have only one of them.

  • Laura said:

    I can’t download them! :(

  • BlackEssence said:

    I think your skins are just phenomenal. Just beautiful and I have downloaded them. I only have one gripe. Do you plan to do skins for chocolate toned sims? It seems a lot of skins creators fear to do that. With someone with your skills…I think you can go darker than what your pallet is showing me, ya know? Beautiful, none the less.

  • Louana said:

    i dont know how to download ???!!!

    • S-Club said:

      Something appear to you? Like a message or anything? Try ctrl+click the download links to download the file directly without sponsor. Let me know.

  • MissA said:

    This is extremely beautiful. I can not believe everything here is all free!
    Thanks to the S-club. You will be blessed forever.

  • iCryies said:


  • eun said:

    hello ^^
    i really do love all your works ^^
    put i can’t d/l any of them :(
    when it take me to and it start counting them the site says” Click here to continue” but when i click continue…it start counting again,,,,and it never end counting :(

    • S-Club said:

      You probably have some adblock running. As much as we use the sponsor you can download direct just CTRL+Click the link to download. ;)

  • Audrey said:

    I can download them with winrar :/

  • curious said:

    which program shouls i choose after downloading??? i’m stuck :’((

    • S-Club said:

      Hi hi! You should use WinRAR or 7zip to extract the files from the downloaded file.

  • Yuukii said:

    Whaaa Greaat, i love it >w<!!

  • icedsims said:

    Thank you ! ♥ One of the best skintones for TheSims3 ever! Hope you will make some when Ts4 comes! :) :p

    • bluemoon said:

      Hi, I think the hair you are looking for is from Newsea, called Newsea Holic Female Hairstyle.

  • Steffi said:

    Beautyful Skin how i can downloading this ?? can you say me this i dont know : (((

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