3D Eyelash Project

After a long time testing, retouching textures, adjusting mesh, it's finally here.

Feels relieved to finally be able to release this project, which ended up being a big one.

Not just for that, but because this is the project that brought us together.

I will speak about it a "bit" so you get familiar with how it works.

Well, first of all, this evolves four things that work with each other to work:
  1. Eyelash mesh — Resource file (Required)
  2. Eyelash design — Resource file + CASP intances (Required)
  3. Eyelash slidersOptional
  4. EA Eyelash Removal "Mod" Optional

At the bottom of this post you will find the links to download the meshes.
Only the female mesh is available, the male one needs to readjust the mesh (sounds so simple).

1) Eyelash Mesh — the main resource file, it will contain the mesh data for the design packages.

The mesh acts as an alpha acessory using, instead, the game eyelash shader.

2) Eyelash Design files — these are the textures and the CASP (CAS-related CC) resources.

Named as "S-Club #[ts3-eyelash] DESIGN#X" where X is our design release; this file is required for the eyelash design to show.

By default, the eyelashes are set up to show in the Eyeliner area and the Clothing > Accessories area (Category Glasses and Earring)

It got me by surprise to know the game rendered meshes on Makeup category, was just a shot on the dark, but it worked.

However, if you use it as eyeliner, you need to remove it first if you want to apply a eyeliner texture.

The good thing of having different CASP instances is that you can overlay design styles.

Or if you want to wear a eyeliner and some glasses, you can use for example, the earring one.

However if you want use three different, well it won't work out of course. XD

3 ) Eyelash Sliders

4 ) EA Eyelash Removal "mod"

Because of the way I built the package structure, I don't think other creators would be able to make their own eyelashes easily.
I'd need to write a tutorial, because the packages need to be built manually using a DBPF Editor.
For now I leave the instance information that needs to be attached to the CASP here:

Female Information:

BGEO 0xC37EE3B4F221C915
BBLN 0xC389D6B4F22BBA86
VPXY 0x709702B55421BE4B
TXTC (Diffuse) 0x3A66B81A9F19E066
TXTC (Specular) 0x3A66B81A9F19E071

Male Mesh Information:

GEOM 0x89B6B8B4D6256DDD
TXTC (Diffuse) 0x09FA7192E1636AA3
TXTC (Specular) 0x09FA7192E1636AB4

— VertexID Range: (Male) 50500 to 51161 | (Female) 52000 to 52661 —

— Mesh Statistics can be found inside the Mesh package —

I might edit this post with more information, but I think that is for now.

I am looking for a way to make these recolorable, but I don't think it's possible due to the shader.

I know I always sound so confusing, but if you just download the files and try out you will figure out it is easy. :D

Well, that's it, thank you all for your patience for this.

And our apologies for the time taken, as I know very well the amount of time it took until this point.

~ I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making and fighting with it~ XD

Eyelash Mesh (Male) Eyelash Mesh (Male) Eyelash Mesh (Female) Eyelash Mesh (Female)


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  • simpulse said:

    Just wanted to say that the male eyelash set requires you log in before downloading! The female does not so I figured that it was an error :)

    • Jasumi said:

      This is a brilliant idea and wonderfully done, thank you.

      But I wanted to ask: does the mesh have back faces? Sometimes it seems to disappear for me in game, like when I look at the eyelashes at an angle…

      • S-Club said:

        It doesn’t have back faces, I didn’t found it necessary, due to we made them basing on the front view.
        Plus, it would duplicate the poly count, being around 2k.
        You can just avoid looking at that certain angle. XD

    • Rioko said:

      hi hi! one question the Eyelash mesh should go in the packages folder or outside?

  • Pradasims said:

    YEAYY! This is amazing!!! I waited for it soo long! Thank you so much!:)

  • kidout said:

    It’s so pretty!!! I like it very much! Thx XD

  • Emily Y. said:

    it is so amazing!!!
    thank you so much for your working with it!!!!
    I really appreciate a lot your working together style, it is so … cool… (forgive my limited eng words… > <)
    all the users need you guys to do is to take a rest, and enjoy gaming~~~
    love u so much!! XD

    • Maximum said:

      btw i can’t download eyelash mesh for male :(
      could you fix the link? thanks :)

      • S-Club said:

        Male mesh still need edit, it is set to private because we noticed something yesterday.
        But since we planned to release the eyelash today, we share the female one. :)

  • Celia said:

    oh!!! gorgeous
    finally some ways to get rid of that default eyelash!
    thank you so much
    you guys are so creative and genuine!
    what else words than genius can i say to describe your works??

    oh god, keep going, i will keep following you guys with all my support!

  • Nicolepan said:

    不过,sclub-ts3-mesh-accm001-m.7z男式的始终是You must be logged in to download this file. ????

    • in798 said:


  • Tex said:

    Wow! It’s just wonderful! I hope I’ll be able to make it all work. Thanks sooooo much for your amaizing creations!

  • anva94 said:

    same question… how can i regeister?

  • Jen said:

    I am extremely excited to try these out!!! Thank you!!!

  • Tegi said:

    Brilliant! Thank you sooo much!
    BTW Loove the site’s design, well done!

  • robin said:

    I have the eyelash sliders and the eyelash mesh as well in my game and cannot get the eyelashes to show on my models….i have what is needed. I tried this with nraas mastercontroller and then without that and with your slider hack instead…so yeah…i tried placing the earring one on then the hat one on instead…then i tried just doing the eyeliner one. Not sure what i am doing wrong…i just know its not working. These are beautiful but if they don’t work i wont be keeping them in game….i tried with the eyelash removal mod and then without the eyelash removal mod…..if this is that complicated to work then when folks download my sims they wont be downloading properly so yeah…kinda messed up not working and if i am getting this happening then i am sure others are as well….maybe you needed to test these longer?

  • robin said:

    OK No i didnt have the mesh…is there a reason the male mesh says you must be logged in to download this….going back in game to try these out…bb later to post a pic of what i come up with….

  • MulticolorGlitterbox said:

    Hi, I’ve been anticipating these for a while. :)
    They look lovely, and unfortunately, I’ve run into a slight problem — like, Robin, I’ve installed pretty much everything (the required AND the optional); however the eyelashes refuse to show up in game. I’ve deleted the cache files prior to launching my game. The categories show up in the CAS, but when I select the lashes, absolutely NOTHING happens. :/
    I also have the eyelash-removal mod installed, and again, nothing seems changed other than some new sets of icons. Is there perhaps something I’ve missed? If so, please, whoever’s gotten these lovely creations to work — PLEASE, help? Thank you.♥

    • S-Club said:

      Were you able to get it working? Perhaps try downloading the files again? :(

      • Nastya said:

        Hi S-Club, I have a crisis. I have installed the Fem. mesh and the design, and deleted all my ……Cache.package files.
        And it still shows up Black.

  • Lizzie said:

    I downloaded the meshes, and sliders, and it looks amazing – again, I’m in love *-*; but there’s a little problem: I can’t edit stuff like the eye shape, or inner corner height…:/ Is anybody else having the same problem? ^^”

    • S-Club said:

      Unfortunately, it is because the slider amount you have surpassed the permitted by vanilla game.
      You’d need a slider hack to increase the amount of sliders you can have.
      You can find one here. There you will find links to alternatives as well.

      • Lizzie said:

        They work perctly now, thanks a lot!:)

  • heyYoSup said:

    Do you have an estimated release date for the male mesh?

  • Bitterquill said:

    They look lovely in-game. Can’t wait to get my hands on the male version so I hope your edits are completed soon!

    (Simpulse, read the above comments and you will see that it’s not an error; they are waiting to release the male version when it is fixed.)

    • Bitterquill said:

      Well, I didn’t realize that the comments were in reverse order. So, uh, yeah. Obviously Simpulse couldn’t have read comments that weren’t yet left at the time they posted. Sorry. ;)

  • Snutter89 said:

    These eyelashes are simply amazing! Thank you so much! Don’t think I will ever use normal eyeliner again so I’m looking forward to more of these! :-)

  • Aamu said:

    Thank you very much! The lashes look wonderful and this has been so much work for you, it’s great to see that you all have done such a beautiful work together… :)

  • chrysa konstantinea said:

    I didn’t understand how I can install them.. : / can anybody help me?

    • S-Club said:

      Hi hi! Well, first, you download:
      - MESH
      Then, you download one design collection for the eyelash:
      - DESIGN or from the CATALOG (There you can download both)
      Now, the others are just optional…
      EA Removal Mod, will help to show the eyelash texture more clear.
      Then, the Eyelash Sliders, which were made because the mesh need to be adjusted on the sim Eye properly.
      Then you need to clear your cache packages and load your game.
      And the Packages you need to put on your Mods folder.

      • Deandre Mee said:

        okay so i delete the ones that say CAScache and and the social one? Because i know how to install mods, and i fell in love with this one and i followed all instructions and the i open my game and i dont see the sliders, and when i try to click on the lashes they wont appear on the sims, so can you please help me. i am thinking that the patch may have messed it up the 1.36, also this black ring goes around the eye lashes not quite sure what that is. And please write back.

  • Ayra2 said:

    The eyelashes look beautiful on my sims! Thank you!

  • chrysa konstantinea said:

    thank you are working great to me!!!

  • eastpuppy said:


  • said:

    thank you for the wonderful work

  • Paris said:

    I got it all working and everything. They’re so lovely! When can we expect the male version? :)

  • Meowster said:

    Thank you for this, downloaded everything but the eyelash removal. Don’t want my guys going eyelashless.. I will once this is updated. Kudos!

    • DGonza said:

      I’ve got the eyelash removal for females. they only work if you’ve taken them into yourself, then they’ll be eyelashless. oh yeah, and if you delete your caches, they’ll also be eyelashless. ;)

  • VanillaBlue~ said:

    Do these work on teens?

    • ganguro said:

      i play tested them and they also show up for teens.

  • DGonza said:

    GENIUS….. I love this!! currently using in game and they’re absolutely beautiful.. will these be available for children and teens? ;)

    • S-Club said:

      They work on Teens already, but children, have to create a separate mesh…

  • January said:

    I am having issues with these as well. None of them show up in my game. I don’t even get an option for them in the make up or accessories categories.
    I have downloaded these numerous times, all of the files, even the optional ones, and put them in my Mods/Packages Folder. I have also cleared my cache.
    The eyelashes as well as S Club lip gloss I have download do not ever work in game. The only reason I can think of is to why these do not work is because of the new 1.3x patches, as most of my CC does not work with the 1.3x patches.
    Any information you might be able to give as to why you may thing these don’t work would be much appreciated. Thank you!

    • January said:

      Edit: False alarm. All i needed was the resource.cfg in my Mods folder :D
      Thanks for the most amazing sims CC ever :D

      • Olivia said:

        Are we suppost to extract the files to resource.cfg?

  • JW said:

    Wizardly! Awt, Lemonleaf and Watermelon I Love U♥ I’m waiting for male’s.

    • JW said:

      and I hope you add ‘depth’ ♥

  • Snutter89 said:

    I really love this set but they are a little transparent in my opinion so I’m hoping for some more defined ones in the next set :-)

  • ganguro said:

    you really did a great job on these!
    i downloaded everything as described together with your skin F1.0. besides i removed my old default skin and face replacements i used before. in game everything seems to work fine. i can apply your lashes and also use the lash sliders properly. the lashes really look awesome!! :)
    nonetheless i noticed something with my sims. usually their whole make-up showed up when they changed their clothes, e.g. in formal clothing, and they never were without make-up. now their make-up as well as the lashes only show up with their normal outfit, but not with any other outfit style. i also used the little lock to use the chosen make-up for all clothes styles, but it didn’t help.
    since i am usually too lazy to set the make-up for every clothing style, i am just wondering whether this issue might be linked to your lashes. is anybody else also experiencing this?

    • Ameenah said:

      This issue has to do with the recent patches EA released – as of patch 1.33 this make-up bug still exists. In order to fix it, go to your sim’s make-up in the normal category and open the lock icon pictured in the upper right hand corner, close it back, and the make-up should now apply to all outfits. You’ll have to unlock and relock with every change you make to the make-up.

  • AOMOST. said:

    I like it!! Thank you very very much &lt;3

  • DeadlySimP said:

    Awesome job as expected from you guys :D

  • Jessica said:

    I downloaded all of the files, but for some reason… it just shows up as two black circles in the game O______o and I’m pretty sure I placed all of my files in the package folder. I’m using a mac.. so does that effect the way they show up?

  • MisSs Julia said:

    Очень хороший мод))

  • Jokercrow said:

    This is amazing!!!
    but I want to download eyelash mesh for male

  • Jeanne26 said:

    It’s verry beutifull ! Thank you !
    (I’m French … and i speak verry bad Englisch ^^)

  • Sophia said:

    These are gorgeous – thank you! However, they don’t always work in my game. Periodically the lashes disappear. I’m on a mac and have this problem with some other custom meshes, ie hair and Blooms Sexy Feet. I understand that its happens for mac users using cc created in TSRW before they fixed a bug at the end of November 2010. Your meshes are new though so I don’t know why this is happening with your custom meshes? I’d love to be able to use them all the time so hope this info will be useful and maybe a fix can be found :).

    • Claire said:

      This also happens to me. I’m on a mac too, and would love to have them all the time. Whenever I redownload the mesh and place it back in it works, but they eventually disappear. I don’t have the black circles, but they just won’t show up sometimes. It is kind of annoying because I adore these lashes so much. Hopefully someone can find a solution because I really do love them but will take them out if they won’t work correctly.

  • Hoshi said:

    So.. is the male one going to uploaded anytime soon?

    • S-Club said:

      The male mesh is finished, but we need to draw specific textures for them.
      Lately so busy, hope you understand… :/

      • Nastya said:

        Hi there S-Club, I have the mesh and everything installed. I deleted all my cache files and it still shows up black.

  • Abby said:

    These are just too awesome! I can’t wait for the male version! (kidding XD I’m beyond willing to wait) Thanks LL!

  • Soapy said:

    They are awesome! thanks :3

  • lavandula said:

    It looks awesome!
    But I have a problem
    Do I need an HD mod for the clear reflection of meshey?
    Because in a game they look transparent and it is hard to see

  • Helga said:

    amazing work! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages! thank you.

  • Kat said:

    These are fantastic! You’ve revolutionized Sims makeup! &lt;3 I can't wait for you to release the male version.
    Genius! Absolutely, wonderfully, amazingly genius! :)

  • tmdzdn said:

    ┭┮﹏┭┮ 怎么注册啊

    • jaywife said:

      well, the men’s one dosen’t work but the girl’s one does

  • i3aNNoKz said:

    Thank you >/////<

    I like your work,,

  • jaywife said:

    hi there, it’s a nice work but how to login in?

  • Sandra said:

    Could you tell what is wrong with the male mesh and when you think it might be done? I just really can’t wait for it, but then again, the fact that it is there is just great in itself. I’m sure it’s worth the waiting ^__^

    • Rinky said:

      I have the same problem as you , I just can’t fit it for about 1 hour !!!!!

  • olympia said:

    love love love this x 100 billion! you guys are brilliant creators :)

  • Kuba said:

    I’m very sorry.Where are situated caсhe packages? In mods folder or not? and when I donwload…the file format “7z” but not “package”. help please

  • FishP said:

    Please, just release the male mesh already, I been waiting for it for a LONG TIME…

  • medal said:

    我好喜欢 你们的 东西 啊 谢谢 你们 我下了 好多 呢 就是 还没头发 对了 你们 是设计师吗? 我支持你们 太爱了

  • maggie860901 said:

    Oh My God This is soooo amazing thank you sooo much :D

  • Ines said:

    beautiful *-*

    but i really want the male version too~

  • June said:

    Hi ! I’ve download the both MESH and DESIGN… extract package files and put them in Mods/Packagesbut the eyelash doesn’t works, it appears with large black circles around on my sim’s eyes in the CAS… Where can the problem come from ?

  • jenny said:

    Thank you for sharing! you guys are awesome =3

  • ikari :) said:

    Hi! Well It looks like I need to be registered to download the male mesh, but I don’t see any registration button on this page :/ I dont get it! Please help me :(

  • ikari :) said:

    And btw the female ones look awesome, thank you! :D

  • Leiko14 said:

    When are you guys going to release the 3d eyelash for male? I am planning to use just this in my game ^^

  • mhly said:


  • JzLL19 said:

    where should i put the mesh and the sliders? also the eyelash removal? in the package folder where i would put the lashes?

  • wolfgirl said:

    These are so beautiful, but I really want the male mesh, too. Will it be released soon?

  • Ukea said:

    Is this how I login? Im so confused QQ

  • frozerouz said:

    This is amzing but I can’t find the way to register .. so sad

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  • regnirblleh said:

    these are great.only they dont show up in career accessories/makeup. are they disabled or its just my game that is like that ?

  • gabriela said:

    Hi I’m having trouble with 3D eyelashes Privée. When will I use them they do not appear, a layer is very dark black, the cilia do not appear. How to solve this problem? From now on, thank you.

  • lataya said:

    hey sweety i love ur mods but i was wondering if it is possible to download the eyes in the blush catory so i can use eye liner as well. i never uses blush because ur skin mods look to perfect without it.

  • Reina said:

    For the people who’re experiencing difficulties when installing this, you literally just drag/copy/cut the .package files and place them on C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages. When I first installed it, my sim had 2 black circles around her eyes. I re-downloaded the files and did the process! Hopefully this helps someone. LOL.

  • Jada said:

    I just wanted to say thank you. I can’t imagine how tedious and time consuming this was to create. I just to say how much me and people like me, appreciate generous and talented members of the siming community like you. Your contributions don’t go unappreciated or unnoticed.

  • jessica said:

    Hey all, I downloaded the files (both eyelash designs, the female mesh, and sliders) except the removal mod… transferred the .package files into my Mods/Packages folder… and deleted my cache files. The thumbnails for the eyelashes show up ingame, as well as the sliders, but they don’t do anything or appear when I click on them. I redownloaded the files twice but it still hasn’t worked :\ What am I doing wrong? Help please?

    • S-Club said:

      jessica, have you checked which settings you are running?
      On low quality settings the lashes don’t seem to appear, rather, they do, but with such a bad quality texture they are not noticeable.

  • Yayaapproves said:

    I would love to inform you that you might want to update the stuff on your website! I got so upset (not at you but at EA) When I tried to open the game and it said I was experiencing crashes because of the mods.
    When I went to check Unfortunetly they were yours! *le cry* I did the whole process and it still kept crashing on me! I dont know how easy or hard it is for you to update your items but I want to inform you before you get any heat about the situation !

    I love you and your art thank you so much for them but Id love actually enjoy them in the game too So sorry for the news

    • S-Club said:

      Emmm, which mods are you talking about, because the only mod that could cause that message that we have would be the slider hack.
      Apart from that, none should ever cause any message because they are just CC, not core/script mods.

  • Yayaapproves said:

    Sorry I didnt refer to anything in specific I ment to tell you it specifically was crashing with your lash projects, the lashes, mesh and sliders

    • S-Club said:

      Ah sorries, I just read this reply later… XD
      Well, same as I told you, the lashes would never make the game crash, that is very strange you are having this issue.
      I really don’t know why they would cause it to crash, I can’t link it to anything, but conflict with corrupt CC maybe.
      You should try clear your caches, and try with a clean game without any other CC, then test?

  • angela said:

    I can’t install these eyelashes, please help!
    I’ve download mesh, design, slider and place it into Mods > Packages folder but won’t work.

    • S-Club said:

      Hi angela! Have you got around making them to work?
      You can try deleting your cache files, and download the files again.
      When you say they don’t work, what you mean, they don’t show up on CAS or show up but appear as black?

  • Anna Johnston said:

    the lashes are beautiful; thank you! but in the game the come up with large black circles around the eyes, i have downloaded the mesh and design, and tried re downloading them a few times but nothing has changed.

    • Anna Johnston said:

      I found out the problem; i just needed to update my game:) and once again thank you for sharing with us your beautiful creation!

  • TheNightCharmer said:

    Just would like to say I Love Your Work :0) however I tryed some skins in sims3 , I have all of them installed and playing. but the fairy loses her wings? why? please Help ;0(

  • Jess said:

    Hello S-club.

    I downloaded your eyelashes but I have run into a slight problem with the female version.. they don’t seem to work at all.

    if you can give me some help, I’d really appreciate it, I am not sure if I need to update my game or not.

    Thanks :3

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  • misukisu said:


    I love these lashes, like someone said they really revolutionize sim makeup. Thanks for creating them! &lt;3

    Unfortunately, they stopped working after I installed awt's eyeball sliders: http://awtmk.blogspot.fi/2011/07/awtppp001-prj-eyeballsliders.html

    I've already earlier had some similar problems with the lashes disappearing when I install new sliders, but this far I've just removed the new sliders.

    I have sliderhack + mastercontroller, so probably it's not about slider limits.

    The lashes are visible in the makeup category and sliders are visible, but nothing happens when I select the lashes. Not only the lashes are not missing, the ea lash removal mod stopped working too.

    Should the lashes work with the eyeball sliders?


  • Simlicious said:

    I use the eyelashes an almost every sim, they are so great! Are you still going to do a tutorial on how to add custom eyelash designs? I am really looking forward to it :)

  • Luca said:

    Hi, these eyelashes look cool but i need some DETAILS!!! I downloaded everything i needed. But must i create a folder called mods and then packages or what? Because i don’t no were to put the download. PLEASE REPLY! i’m desperate!!

  • Zoe said:

    Does this set work with patch 1.50 please let me know ASAP :) thanks

    • Fay said:

      T_T I have university life installed and the lashes appear as black holes on my sims

  • Emma said:

    These eyelashes look amazing! I want them sooo bad, but I have a problem downloading them, because when I download them on ad.fly my computer says that the file can’t be opened because it doesn’t know what to open the with. So my question was: what should i download to open the file with?

    • S-Club said:

      Emma, you should use WinRAR or 7zip to extract those files.

  • Gogo555 said:

    Wow these are really beautiful! You did an awesome job!! I love you !

  • JAUG said:

    Hi all, I installed this, but eyelashes shows up only in CAS, but don’t appear on my sim. I have all quality sliders high, and resource.cfg is present. What it can be? Please, reply, I need to fix it. Thanks

  • Chris said:

    HI! the mod worked at my game but the lashes came out grayish color can you change the color or it is an error?

    • S-Club said:

      Chris, please re-download, we have recently made a fix for this. :)

  • Monique said:

    HI! First off you have done a splendid job on these eyelashes! I love the majority of your work that you do for the sims! I wanted to ask do I need to put these eyelashes somewhere or a certain place on the game? They wont show up for some weird reason. The first 3D eyelashes you did they show up but not the new ones you have just made and now all of them wont show up.

    • S-Club said:

      Monique, have you downloaded all meshes again?
      We have updated them on the new eyelashes. Can you test?

      • Monique said:

        Hi Thank you for the reply!
        Yes I tried everything.
        I tried re-downloading and putting all the meshes and eyelashes in the game
        still nothing…
        and I took them off played my game and then quit put them back in
        still nothing…
        and I have no game mods that are interacting with it so I really don’t know
        why I won’t show up…it came up before the first set of eyelashes you made
        but it looked like as soon as the new patch update the majority of all your stuff:
        accessories and lips and eyelashes went missing on the game.

  • Monique said:

    Hi Thank you for the reply!

    Yes I tried everything.
    I tried re-downloading and putting all the meshes and eyelashes in the game

    still nothing…

    and I took them off played my game and then quit put them back in

    still nothing…

    and I have no game mods that are interacting with it so I really don’t know
    why I won’t show up…it came up before the first set of eyelashes you made
    but it looked like as soon as the new patch update the majority of all your stuff:
    accessories and lips and eyelashes went missing on the game.

  • heaven said:

    I have tried both my old meshes, and the new ones (just downloaded 25/08/14) and neither work properly. On eyelash sets #1 & #2, my lashes show up a white-ish yellow color and cannot be recolored. Set #3 shows up black, but cannot be recolored. Are all categories of the lashes recolorable, or only the accessory versions? Like I said, I tried the new meshes I downloaded today, my old meshes just in case, I’ve cleared my caches, everything. I cannot get them working properly.

    • heaven said:

      After a lot of testing this is what I came up with:

      * Use old mesh and be able to use all 3 sets but not the sliders
      * Use new mesh and only be able to use set #3 but also use sliders

      Set #3 lashes are only recolorable with the new meshes and only the accessory versions (not eyeliner version) of the lashes are recolorable anyway. I’d really love to be able to use all three sets AND the eyelash sliders, without making one of the compromises listed above. Do you intend on correcting this issue in the future?

  • Smiler said:

    Hi i have the same problem and it shows the packages as documents i also have mac! plz help thanks!!!!!!!!

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